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MS SPEKTRAL, is a Research and Development (R&D) company, of which main focus is being development and production of innovative Electro-Optics and Advanced Imaging Systems, in order to meet the Defense Industry’s high quality and reliability requirements.
Specifically for Defense Industry, MS SSPEKTRAL, with the solutions customized on Optical Design, Opto-Mechanical Design, and Camera-X-Ray Imaging Systems based on Electronic Design capabilities, conducts its activities for design and production of;

• Optical Lens Systems for All Imaging Bands (VNIR/SWIR/MWIR/LWIR)
• X-RAY Vehicle/Container Imaging Systems
• Camera Electronic Units for All Imaging Bands (VNIR/SWIR/MWIR/LWIR)
• Night (in the Moon and Stars Light) and Low Light Night Imaging/Vision Systems
• Hyperspectral / Multispectral and Advanced Imaging/Vision Systems (SWIR/MWIR/LWIR)
• Take-Off/Landing Camera Systems for UAVs
• High Resolution Camera Systems for Land/Air/Naval Platforms
• PANTILT Integrated Camera Systems
• Target Acquisition/Image Processing Software

and meets its customers’ defense and security requirements.
In accordance with the capabilities that acquired throughout the development of solutions for Defense Industry, MS SPEKTRAL, designs, develops, and manufactures, high resolution camera and imaging systems to meet certain industrial needs, as well as quality control solutions for food industry, and X-RAY Truck Scanning Systems.
Additionally, the design team of MS SPEKTRAL, who has enormous experiences that gained while taking part at camera design projects for ground and military satellites, has a structure of developing customized solutions with its experiences on determination of project requirements, system analysis, system engineering, electronic, optical-mechanical design.



  • Spheric/Aspheric Lens Systems
  • Reflective Optical Systems such as Cassegrain, TMA etc
  • Spectrometer Units with Prism/Grating Structure
  • Camera Electronic Reading Circuits for Sensors With All Band-Width
  • High Speed and Low Resolution Camera Control Unit Circuits
  • Optical System Housing, Holder and Mechanical Parts
  • Mechanic Housing for Camera Systems





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