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FOOD X-RAY Scanning System


  • Detection of foreign matter (stone, plastic, glass, metal etc.) in packaged and unpackaged food products
  • Classification based on atomic number
  • Storage of scanned XRay image with meta data

Poultry X-RAY Scanning System


  • Bone Detection in Poultry Meat
  • Analysis of Bone Detection
  • IP 65 rating

X-RAY Baggage Scanner Systems


  • 5030 X-RAY Baggage Scanner Systems
  • 6040 X-RAY Baggage Scanner Systems
  • 6040X Perspective X-RAY Baggage Scanner Systems
  • 6040P Dual Generator X-RAY Baggage Scanner Systems
  • 100100 X-RAY Baggage Scanner Systems
  • 100100D Dual Generator X-RAY Baggage Scanner Systems
  • 150160D Dual Generator X-RAY Cargo Scanner Systems

Motorized Zoom Lens with Continuous Zoom


  • 900nm~1700nm Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) Imaging
  • Motorized Zoom, Focus and Iris Control
  • F# 2.7
  • Fast Zoom and Focus Control
  • C-Mount Camera Interface
  • Pelco-D Compatible Command Interface

VNIR Fixed Lens


  • Display in “Starlight”
  • Visible and Near-Infrared imaging ability
  • Fixed 45mm Focus length
  • F# 0,85; Sensor Format: 1 Inch
  • Driving ability without headlight
  • Motorized Iris
  • CS Mount Compatible

VNIR Low Light Imaging System


  • Visible and Near-Infrared imaging ability
  • Fixed 45mm Focus length
  • F# 0.85; Sensor Format: 1 Inch
  • Low light Imaging
  • Imaging Capability at Star Light Conditions (non existence of moon light)
  • Motorized Iris

KEMGÖZ, Hyperspectral Imager


  • 400nm~1000nm spectral range
  • 4,5nm Spectral Resolution
  • 134 Spectral Band
  • Mine Detection Without any Helping
  • PC Interface Software
  • IP66 Protection Class
  • Embedded Data Processing and Target Detection

Pan-Tilt Zoom Imaging System


  • Night and Day Imaging
  • Visible and Infrared imaging ability
  • >50X Optical Zoom
  • 2MPixel Resolution
  • 360° Imaging Ability

50mm Fixed Focus SWIR Lens


  • 900nm~1700nm Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Imaging
  • Motorized Iris
  • F# 2.7
  • Fast Zoom and Focus setting
  • C-Mount camera interface
  • Pelco-D command interface

Particle Size Analyzer


  • Analyze the chemical production process
  • Measure the particule size in the process
  • Outputs particule size dimension histogram